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A big order--silicone ice cream mold production

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A big order--silicone ice cream mold production

First of all, congratulations on the big orders from our colleagues. This is the picture of the day of shipment.

silicone ice cream mold stock

This order has encountered many difficulties. Customers see silicone ice cream mold of our website at Google above the beginning, the understanding of the product, we will consult online, just The 19 Congress of the NPC , so at that time many of our social software signal connection there are a lot of problems, we have no time to reply to the customer information, after a week. We can't find the customer contact, when we all thought that has lost the customer, surprised to find that the customer on the Whatapp give us a message, to his e-mail address to us, we are very happy. We will immediately sent a message to the customer in the past to explain his reasons did not reply in a timely manner, and asked him what the product, customers also timely reply to us, he wants to sort out some pictures for the silicone ice cream mold . After receiving the mail, our colleagues in the business department at the fastest speed to the customer to sort out the product list, clear note of the product's picture,price and MOQ, sent to the customer.

silicone ice cream mold production

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