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  • where to wholesale silicone bakeware?


    As the main target of the seller is a great product as soon as possible to source the best price, the lowest price to buy the silicone bakeware you may let you sell them at a competitive price, is still a good profit, buy low and sell high is the basis of almost every retail business. Read More

  • MX Group have strong experience on products silicone bakeware for 10 years experience


    About MX Group , our passions are many. We’re creatives, strategists, manager and sales experts. We adulation what we do and adulation to allotment what we know. We are specialized in silicone bakeware. Read More

  • A big order--silicone ice cream mold production


    First of all, congratulations on the big orders from our colleagues. This is the picture of the day of shipment. This order has encountered many difficulties. Customers see silicone ice cream mold production of our website at Google above the beginning, the understanding of the product, we will consult online Read More

  • 3 Reasons Why THE SILICONE COOKING UTENSIL SET Is a Great Gift Idea


    Now people are always looking for a unique and most interesting gift ideas. One of the newest options is 3 PCS SILICONE UTENSIL SET made on the market. Read More

  • Big order for personalized 12 cavities silicone muffin pan


    Since October this year, Our company has been actively expanding the international market for 12 cavities silicone muffin pan. Read More

  • How to Clean a Silicone Bakeware


    Silicone bakeware - canned muffins, non-stick sheet pans, bread pans - if you have insufficient storage space, do not like to use cooking sprays, or simply cannot take a piece of cake from the pan to save your life, It would be great. Then you go to clean them up. They should look easy to clean. But somehow, they are not. There seems to be no way to get rid of oily residues. This is why we went to an expert to understand how you should clean those soft pans. Read More

We handle molding, sample, producing, printing, flame plating, laser carving, packing and shipping.

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