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16 Years

16 Years
16 years experience in Silicone Bakeware manufacturing and design.
MX Group factory occupied 6400 square meters for office and workshops with 32 machines and equipments.
Now we have over 300 workers, 80% of them are skilled technical worker who have worked on making or designing wholesale Silicone Bakeware for over 16 years. And 5 senior engineers, 10 managers from different departments.
MX Group Silicone Bakeware uses a unique patented High Gloss, Non-Stick Finish. It will not retain odors or flavors. It is flexible for easy removal of baked Goods and can be folded for easy, space saving storage. All the products from Silicone Bakeware Manufacturer (MX Group) can go from -40℃ up to 230℃ from freezer to oven. The most helpful thing to use Silicone Bakeware is easy to clean and Dishwasher Safe.

16 Years

$1 to get the 3D artwork before order, our engineer will follow your case till everything is confirmed.

16 Years

3 Days
Fast sample production time 3 days when you order our Silicone Bakeware.
Colors and Hardness are welcome to custom, we can provide customers the Pantone Code Swatches and Shore A degrees suggestions.


16 Years

5468 Customers
99% of our customers are from United States and Europe.
MX Group Silicone Bakeware is engineered to commercial standards using a heavier, denser, more durable silicone combined with structural supports. We use only the highest quality FDA approved Silicone Material in Silicone Bakeware Manufacturer.

We handle molding, sample, producing, printing, flame plating, laser carving, packing and shipping.

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